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Everyone wants to be beautiful. We put on make up, brush our hair, choose what to wear all to improve our appearance. QBSEE®, the latest Italian eyewear brand, designed by Adriano Design, responds to this desire in an entirely new way, using the same tools that a good plastic surgeon would employ mapping every part of the human face in order to understand, in matematical values, those features that have always represented universally venerated beauty standars, that need to be modified and how.

The eyeglasses are not designed by a human hand. Instead, they are generated thorugh an algorithm based upon mathematical functions which determine their contour. A software automatically inserts variables based on the mapping of the faces’ significant points. The results of the process are eyeglasses with an unusual shape, leading, when worn, to a mapping of the face’s features which are closer to those mathematically acknowledged as perfect. Eyeglasses that make you look more beautiful.

An innovative, double-squared hinge is a main feature of QBSEE® eyeglasses. An apparently impossible geometry with surprisingly flexible kinematics. The entire production process is conceived to take place only in Italy. That is why the hinges have no weld joints nor screws, allowing for a reduction of the working hours and for an absolute artisanal quality eyeglasses.

The innovative impact of QBSEE® eyeglasses in the eyewear industry is certified by two registered patents, one concerning the eyeglasses’ mathematical generation process which corrects the design of the face, and the other concerning the double-squared hinge, which is obtained only through the bending of the metal sheet.

–  the making of –

MADE IN ITALY, QBSEE® is a young company based in Northern Italy. Conceived and created in Turin, QBSEE® eyeglasses are entirely assembled in the Dolomiti sector of the Italian Alps, the leading global eyewear manufacturing district, combining high technology and artisanal handwork.

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Giuseppe De Giorgio
Marketing Survey - Legal Advisor
Vittorio Ballarin
Marketing Director
Davide Adriano
Design - Art Direction
Gabriele Adriano
Design - Art Direction
Massimiliano Spada
CEO - Operations

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